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  • How To Hold Your Bank's Feet To The Fire

    Friday, October 14, 2011   /   by Lynn Horner Baker

    How To Hold Your Bank's Feet To The Fire

    Cobb County & Marietta – Is your lender being unreasonable? Are they unwilling to let you short sale and walk away from the debt? Here is what to do.

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    First, you can make their failings public. Tell your story to your local newspaper, TV station, or radio station. You would be amazed at how fast you lender will backpedal in the face of bad publicity.

    Here is an inside tip. Send a copy of your press release to the lender’s Media Relations Department. They are the people whose only job is to make sure no bad publicity gets out. They will pay attention to your story! One of my clients was at a stand-off with their lender and after their Media Relations Department received a copy of our press release, miraculously all agreements were confirmed and all documents processed. So this is a real part of the artillery, but only when all other efforts have been exhausted.

    A second option is to file a rip off report. Go to www.ripoffreport.com and put in all the details. If you include the bank’s name, then it is likely to show up on Google when someone searches for that bank.

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