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  • Loan Modification Loss Comparison Calculator

    Monday, November 28, 2011   /   by Lynn Horner Baker

    Loan Modification Loss Comparison Calculator

    North Metro Atlanta – If you are looking to convince your lender to approve your loan modification, then here is a tool you might find useful.

    Here is a sample calculator you can use to convince your lender to approve your loan modification.

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    The numbers below are an example. You can get your home value from an experienced short sale realtor, or an appraiser.

    Current Home Value: $240,000.

    Current Prevailing Interest Rate on a 30 year mortgage: 4.02%.

    Current monthly payment on a $240,000 mortgage at 4.02% interest over 30 years: $1,148.57.

    What I am offering to repay monthly on my loan modification: $1,400. $1,400 over 30 years will repay a $292,538 mortgage at 4.02%.

    That means your bank will actually make $52,538 by approving my loan modification.

    Do you think that calculation will make it easier to get your loan modification approved by your bank? I think so. Use it in your negotiations with your lender.

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    Thanks for reading this, Lynn Horner Baker.

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