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  • Understanding the BPO Process

    Wednesday, November 30, 2011   /   by Lynn Horner Baker

    Understanding the BPO Process

    North Metro Atlanta – The agent you hire to short sale your house should know how to “influence the BPO.”

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    The BPO is another agent’s opinion of the value of your home. The bank will willingly sell your home on a short sale if they think the home is selling for close to its fair market value.

    The BPO is what they use to determine the fair market value. But, most agents that provide BPOs to banks do a lot of them. They may not spend an adequate amount of time evaluating your home and the value.

    Some of them turn in 100-200 valuations a month and not every one is accurate. That is why it is important that your agent make saure they understand what your home is worth.

    They should meet the agent at your home and explain what the home is worth. That is called “influencing the BPO.”

    An hour spent influencing a BPO will save countless hours later escalating a file or negotiating more offers. Yes, maybe I shouldn't be saying this. But, it's true.

    If the BPO says the home is worth close to the short sale price, then the short sale will be approved quickly and easily. Thinking about a short sale?

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