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  • North Metro AtlantaShort Sale Myth

    Friday, December 2, 2011   /   by Lynn Horner Baker

    North Metro AtlantaShort Sale Myth

    North Metro Atlanta – This is another short sale myth we've seen tossed around. Some people in the media even suggested that banks were delaying foreclosures to delay losses being recorded on their books.

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    Here is what I think is the real reason: The bank departments that handle foreclosure are understaffed.

    After all, foreclosures increased hugely since the housing crisis started. The banks have tried desperately to hire on more staff.

    But, it takes time to hire and train people when the banks are handling a huge increase in delinquent loans. Besides, there is little accountability.

    Do you think a Fannie Mae Bureaucrat cares if a foreclosed home isn't put on the market right away? It's all play money when it's not your money.

    Another factor in this is that most loans are not owned by the banks in question. For example, Bank of America only owns 80% of the mortgages they receive payments for.

    It's not Bank of America's loss. It's Fannie Mae's loss, Freddie Mac's Loss, or a Pension Fund's Loss. The banks and loan owners have been willing to take huge losses on short sales homes we have sold.

    Sure, the short sale process was slow. But, how fast or slow it was didn't depend on the size of the loss. We have experienced very fast short sales on huge losses.

    We have also experienced very slow short sales on small losses. The short sale process takes a while whether or not the loss is big or small. Thinking about a short sale?

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    Thanks for reading this, Lynn Horner Baker.

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